Can you send money to Bulgaria?

Can you send money to Bulgaria? Yes you can and it is probably easier to transfer money to another country than you realize. Of course you can always send money to Bulgaria by visiting your local bank branch and doing a bank wire transfer. The problem with this method is that it will probably cost you a lot more money when compared to other money transfer services.

A great alternative is to use what many people refer to as an email money transfer method and a couple of the most popular methods are PayPal or Skrill. Both these methods offer transactions in multiple currencies so transferring money to Bulgaria should be easy. Depending on your country of residence you can transfer money to bank accounts and debit cards for easy withdrawal. Or you can simply use the funds to pay for online purchases.

Save On Fees With Wise

Perhaps the best method these days is from the financial technology company Wise. They take all the good things about bank wires, such as the ease of use, and remove the bad things, like high transaction costs. Easy service to sign up for and you can be saving money on the fees and exchange rates in very little time.

They even show a comparison with other bank rates at the time you are dong your transaction. You can also lock in the rate for a period, just in case you can’t complete it all in one session. This makes it ideal for businesses too, because you can see the cost and then get approval, if necessary, all the while knowing the numbers won’t change. Click here to find out more and receive a discounted or free first transfer.

Bank wire details for Bulgaria

If you still prefer to use a bank wire to send money to Bulgaria then you will need the following details:

  • SWIFT country code – BG
  • Currency – Lev
  • Currency code – BGN

Overall, it is very easy to send money overseas to countries such as Bulgaria and depending on how much and how often, it shouldn’t cost a lot of money.