About CanYouSendMoney.com

CanYouSendMoney.com offers advice on how to best send money online. It covers how to pay online for goods and services and get the best value for money whilst also ensuring that the payments are made in a timely manner. People are always needing to send money for items and understanding how to pay online is becoming one of those must have skills. It doesn’t need to be a daunting experience and you can ignore most of the media beat ups about how unsafe it is to send money online. Often if is a case of some-one not understanding how to send money and being careless with their details.

Of course you can still use the old methods to send money such as checks, bank drafts and money orders, it’s just that they take longer than the online funds transfer methods now available thanks to the internet. Perhaps one of the easiest is to send money by email. It’s free to sign up at these services and you are usually charged a transaction cost depending on the method. you can use these to pay for goods and services, send money to other people and pay for online auctions.

Read through each of the pages and you will gain an understanding of what methods are available and when to use each one. Often it depends on the recipient, the reason and whether it is a local or overseas funds transfer.